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The Right Path to Home Ownership

Buying a home can seem a little daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Knowledge is key and you don’t have to be an expert in every field to get the right home at the right price.

Arm Yourself with the "BIG 3"

Arm yourself with the basic knowledge of what you need and then enlist the assistance of experts that can help you on your path to home ownership. What Jenny considers “The Big 3” are a lending expert to get your home loan, a home inspector to make sure all is well, and an insurance expert to protect your investment. Here are some great places to start!

Call a Lender!

Joan Dumais
Bancorp South Mortgage

Margaret Pryor
Premiere Residential Mortgage of Texas

Hire an Inspector!

Get Insured!

Helpful Government Agencies

The Travis County Central Appraisal District website provides general information about the District and property tax system in Texas, as well as information regarding specific properties within the district. You can also search by address to find out information on the tax history of the property. At the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) site, you can find information on HUD. HUD helps people by administering a variety of programs that develop and support affordable housing. Specifically, HUD plays a large role in home ownership by making loans available for lower- and moderate-income families through its FHA mortgage insurance program and its HUD Homes program.

Travis Country Appraisal District
Housing & Urban Development

Services for Your "Every Day" Needs

Moving to a new area means finding new stores to shop in, new doctor’s offices, and places to get your car fixed. Not to mention Fido needs a haircut! Here are some places Jenny has has used and thinks are great, or, that she has had recommended to her that you might like to check out!

Sewing Impaired
Liz Jensen 512-302-6966

Automotive Body Shop
Epps Paint and Body
Steve Takamatsu 512-263-3221

Ramsey Chiropractic
Dr. Kristin Ramsey 512-687-0097

Cupcakes (Gluten Free)
Cupcake Aly
Aly Chapman 512-919-0344

Dr. John C. Baines 512-892-6200

Financial Advisor
Scarborough Financial
Amber Scarborough 512-551-3001

BKS Photoworks
Barbara Searles 512-964-4374

Hair Salon/Stylist
My Salon
Alissa Starkjohann 512-694-1499

House Cleaning
Let Kelly
Kelly Jedele 512-520-5339

Ernestine Lammers 508-284-2060

Bee Mary
Andrea Yakerson 818-521-5845

Interior Design
Johanna Rudy 512-415-0964

Interior Design
N.Y. Harte Designs
Nancy Harte 214-770-7011

Life/Business Coach
Life Aligned
Myrna King 512-739-7939

Massage Therapy
Core Concerns
Suzanne Darrow 512-406-1746

Passion for Order
Catharine Murphy 512-788-0280

Organizing One Step at a Time
Felice McCreary 512-574-8471

Personal Assistant/House Sitting
Cindy Montgomery 214-564-5179

Pet Sitting/Plant Care
Elf to Go
Elfie Mitchell 512-567-9440

BKS Photoworks
Barb Searles 512-964-4374

Tire & Automotive
Lawson Tire & Automotive
Steve Takamatsu 512-288-5022

Veterinary Care
Oak Hill Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Lynanne Mockler

Web Design & Graphics
JOSO Creative
Staci Peterson 512-773-4853

Austin Custom Winery
Mary Charron 512-394-0600